I say I've been a designer since the moment I was born, with my mother an artist and my father an interior designer, I grew up surrounded by influences of proportion, composition, art, textures and colours. Photography and video came into my life in mid-2010, when my contact with skateboarding brought me references in videography, cameras, lenses and editing. Years later, I sought out advanced knowledge through courses, classes and  congresses.
Design came into my life 7 years ago, when the need to create a catalogue made me create something terribly ridiculous in Power Point. But it was at engineering school that I discovered the power of software and technical drawing, where I could put all those ideas into practice. So I went after knowledge, in addition to practically private lessons in conversations with my mother, I sought out various courses that complemented and helped me to understand Design in a theoretical way, developing a clean and technical look in search of the necessary results that Design should provide. This gave me the opportunity to work on advertising campaigns, branding and web projects, as well as creative direction.

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