I'm Larissa Vieira, a design enthusiast with a worldly perspective and a unique expertise in Social Media. At 26, my journey commenced in Business Administration, but it was the intersection of Social Media Design and Photography that revealed my true passion.
My tenure as Social Media Manager at Arriero Accessories not only delivered exceptional results in under a month but also showcased my commitment to in-depth research and a discerning eye for global trends. I firmly believe that true innovation arises from the blend of research and creative flair.
Moreover, my self-taught love for fashion since childhood brings a distinctive touch to my projects. Crafting pieces from an early age has cultivated a sharp eye for aesthetics and style nuances.
I'm here to elevate your projects to new heights, exploring the extraordinary and creating visual experiences that surpass expectations. Let's together transform your design into something that not only follows trends but sets them.

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